In Schlippenbach/Narvesen Duo, two strong voices from different generations of improvised music converge to create a unique sound. By enmeshing their individual creative energies and vocabulary the duo produces dynamic and subtle expressions in vigorously developed movements that unravels layered improvisation for the attentive listener.

Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

The Schlippenbach trio has been an institution on the European improvised music scene for over fifty years now. Von Schlippenbach started the trio In 1970, with Evan Parker on saxophone and Paul Lovens (in recent years Paul Lytton) on drums.
Except for many performances on different continents, in December each year they went on their famous European Winterreise.

In 2020 the line-up of the trio changed, with clarinetist Rudi Mahall and Norwegian drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen joining Von Schlippenbach.

Alexander von Schlippenbach - piano

Rudi Mahall - bass clarinet and clarinet

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

DAMANA was created in 2013 by Dag Magnus Narvesen to realise some of his music for larger ensembles. His progressive compositions, rooted in jazz and contemporary classical music, combined with the pristine musicianship of some of the most prominent jazz players in Norway, offers an engaging, refreshing and playful musical experience.

Their debut album Cornua Copiae (Clean Feed) has been highly acclaimed by many jazz reviewers since its release in 2016.

Kristoffer Alberts - alto saxophone

Jørgen Mathisen - tenor saxophone

Klaus Holm - baritone saxophone and bass clarinet

Lyder Øvreås Røed - trumpet

Kristoffer Kompen - trombone

Øyvind Dale - piano

Adrian Myhr - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

"Cornua Copiae is an exciting, ever-surprising work, one that will undoubtedly appeal to listeners who not only want their jazz to entertain, but to astound."

- Derek Stone, The Free Jazz Blog

Photo: Eyolf Dale

Some of the most interesting and innovative jazz musicians from the Berlin scene come together in Dag Magnus Narvesen kvintett to create a new realm of free improvised jazz music. The group works with compositional guidelines that inspire and direct these incredibly skilled musicians. 

Axel Dörner - trumpet

Tobias Delius - reeds

Håvard Wiik - piano

Antonio Borghini - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

Photo: Cristina Marx

Playfulness, spontaneity and curious conversation form the base of the free improvised jazz music played in this trio. The music often takes the shape of musical pieces that sound precomposed, occationally interrupted by colourful textures.

Tobias Delius - reeds

Mike Majkowski - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

Photo: Cristina Marx

Japanic is Aki Takase's most recent ensemble in which she playfully merges aesthetic elements of multiple musical worlds together. The numerous projects initiated and lead by Ms. Takase have contributed in setting the course for the German avant-garde jazz scene since she arrived in the late 1980's. She is displaying a fearless and highly innovative musical vision in all her projects and never seizes to amaze, challenge and open up new doors to the audience and her fellow musicians.

Aki Takase - piano

Daniel Erdman - reeds

DJ Illvibe - turntables

Johannes Fink - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

The distinguished and exquisite musicianship of the Bauer brothers is well renowned in the German scene of improvised and contemporary music. In this trio, they join forces with   Norwegian drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen in what has proven itself to be a creative and dynamic powerhouse. The trio inspire and propel   each other to have fresh musical conversations accross generations.

Conny Bauer - trombone

Matthias Bauer - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

Photo: Lena Panzer-Selz

This quintet plays with a broad range of sounds and have the characteristic to be very dynamic. The use of an extended musical language allows us to move from different styles, from free jazz or orchestral avant-garde music to free improvisation with soft noises and complex sonorities. Unexpected, spontaneous, fresh, surprising and seductive.

MOVE Quintet released the live recording Hyvinkää (UniSono Records) in 2017.

Harri Sjöström - saxophones

Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone

Achim Kaufmann - piano

Adam Pultz Melbye - double bass

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

This duo creates music  from the diverse palet of  the percussion instruments, like you have never experienced before. Dynamic, vibrant and gorgeous music!

Emilio Gordoa - vibraphone

Dag Magnus Narvesen - drums

Since 2005, this large ensemble based in Stavanger, Norway has focused on contemporary and improvised music.

The orchestra is organised in a "pool" of musicians which gives the orchestra an enormous flexibility in terms of instrumentation for each project.

Photo: Karina Gytre